Sometimes as parents or teachers, we are quick to judge a child’s action.
This article by Kru Jitt is a friendly reminder that the truth may not always be what it seems…

??? One of the earliest memories I recall was being given a time-out in kindergarten because I brought my older brother’s comic book to school.

I forget what the actual comic was, but there were skulls, flames, and a lot of fighting. The 5-year old me really wanted to show off this big boy comic book to my friends, so I hid it in my bag and brought it to school.

As soon as I brought it out to show my friends, I was given time out and told to stand in the corner. I wasn’t angry, sad, or ashamed. I was confused – I didn’t understand why I was placed in time-out and I wasn’t told what I’ve done wrong.


What was two minutes of time-out seemed like ages, and I got bored. No guilt or anger, just boredom – so while the teacher was talking to the class, I picked up a ruler that happened to be there and played around with it, bending it back and forth just for the sake of having something to do. Suddenly…SNAP. The ruler broke in half and the teacher turned towards me, and I knew right there and then, that I was in trouble.

My parents were called in and criticized for not taking care of me, of buying age inappropriate books and toys, causing me to become violent.


I tried to explain that I wasn’t trying to break the ruler, that I wasn’t trying to express my anger – but being the 5-year old boy that I was, I wasn’t able to put my thoughts into words.

My perception of the incident was completely different than that of the adults. It wasn’t until years later that I realize how the perception of events are shaped by experience.

It is important to understand and empathize with the child’s view, and crucial not to generalize our experiences and conclusions onto a child, that is still pretty new to the world. Hear them out, they may surprise you!

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