What are the cancellation and camp moving policies?

For cancellations: Please email hello@taitonmaicamp.com within 15 days of camp to receive a full refund. 50% refunds will be provided for later cancellations. For Camp Moving: Participants are allowed to move the camp attendance once (1) camp date. Please email hello@taitonmaicamp.com to notify us our staff of the move and preferred camp attendance date. Camp

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What do you need to bring for camp?

1. A hat or cap for outdoor activities 2. A Backpack for personal belongings and snacks from home. (Backpacks will be placed in the room and will not be carried around in the camp) 3. Rubber clogs (such as Crocs, Native) or sneakers. We recommend rubber clogs, as they dry fast and can be easily

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Can parents join the camp?

We are glad to see your enthusiasm and wanting to spend this experience with your child, however, the camp has been designed for children only. It will be beneficial for children to learn how to be in new and natural environments on their own.

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What does the camp look like?

The camp is a re-purposed fruit farm and has been built to accommodate learning both inside and outside the classroom. The homeroom is a base of operations when teams gather up and participate in craft and group activities. The 4-rai natural space consists of grass, sand, and bodies of water. Between the trees are natural

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Where is the camp located?

Taitonmai is located in Bangmod, near Rama II Rd. The area is close to the gulf of Thailand, and is set in the Bangmod canal community - where local fishermen, craftsmen, Buddhist and Muslim communities live together.

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Who are the teachers?

The teaching team consist of psychologists, educators, and designers. For more information about the teachers please visit "About Us." The camp lead teachers are: Pimpanit Condee PhD Niyata Limpiti Sangaroon Cheamsawat Jitt Kasemsri

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What is the staff to child ratio?

After morning introductions, children will be divided into small teams led by facilitators at a ratio of no less than 1:5. Our facilitators consist of developmental psychology graduates, music school graduates, and education school graduates from Kasetsart University, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, and King Mongkutt University.

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