What are private camps?

Private camps are a closed camps which can be organized by representative parents. Parents can choose their own theme and age groups according to their groups. In order to organize private camps, representatives must adhere to the following criteria: Holiday and weekend attendance: Minimum 25 participants Weekday attendance: Minimum 20 participants The camp reserves the

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Is the pond at camp clean?

The water in the pond comes from rain water and is connected to the Bangmod Canal. The pond water has a filtration system that filters the canal and rainwater and is home to different fish eaten by the local community.

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Is food included?

Snacks, milk, and juices are provided throughout the day. Lunch will also be provided for all participants. If you have a specific dietary need, please inform our staff at hello@taitonmaicamp.com

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How deep are the ponds?

Most areas of the pond are between 50-120cm. However, children will always be under the care of our facilitators when exploring and adventuring. For older kids that participate in water activities, we have a strict "life vest always " policy, and the kids will be taught how to operate the life vest.

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What are the camp and working hours?

For Junior Campers (4-6 years) and Super campers (7-9 years) camp hours are as follow: 9.00 - 16.00. Registrations start at 8.30 unless specified otherwise. For First Campers (3-5 years) camp hours are as follow: 9.30 - 15.30. Registrations start at 9.00 unless specified otherwise. For emails and questions through LINE, our admin will be

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Are there any animals at camp?

The camp is set in a natural setting. There may be some critters and animals present at camp. We encourage the children to observe and understand how to act and react to the natural environment, under the guidance of our teachers and facilitators. Children are NEVER allowed to explore the grounds on their own and

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