Before Taitonmai, I was a researcher and consultant for companies in the FMCGs, real estate, education, and healthcare sectors. With a background in psychology and business, I am interested in human centered research and design. I found how my skills could be applied through deconstructing and designing for learning through spaces, environments, and activities.

I joined Taitonmai in late 2017, and have found that being a ninja was so much more fun than a consultant! I can sing, dance, and play along with students in nature.

Using my background in psychology and business the best of my ability, I design camps, learning environments,and learning processes for children at Taitonmai. For those that have been here, you’ll see me dancing and singing along with our First Campers and Junior Campers groups!


It’s really important to play, and I don’t think you should ever grow out of it!

Partner, Instructor, Business Development

Lead instructor, camp designer, and treasure hunter


Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Sensation and Perception

Past Experience

Four Rooms Brand Consulting – Brand Consultant, Qualitative Research Lead

Vitamins Consulting and Research – Qualitative Researcher, Research Analyst

Educator Panel Presenter: Fablearn 2020 “Constructing a Natural Musical Exploratorium:

Musical play and confidence through Constructivism, influenced by Thai musical principles”


This is how I like to play :-)

During my free-time:

Things I like to do when I’m not teaching…

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Print making requires patience and crafting. It’s challenging and often can’t be “fixed,” each mistake is interesting in its own way.

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I’ll bring my trusty notebook where ever I go, and write down ideas, draw cartoons and interesting finds.



I’m a blue belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. It keeps me on my toes and requires a great deal of strategy and finesse. Some people call it “Human Chess!”

vegetables cooking food banner size 01COOKING
love to cook (and eat) all kinds of food and share it with my family and close friends. You can always find me at the barbecue pit on a lazy afternoon.