First Campers 3-5 Years Old

Journey into a fairy tale land where we invite you to meet new friends, uncover wonder land’s secret and craft magical hoods to prepare for an adventure. In this music and story filled day, children will sing and explore these magical grounds.


A great start for first time campers!

The camp is designed as an entryway to outdoors adventures and other camp activities. Children are given time and space to adapt and grow in a new environment, being away from their parents for the first few times.


Take part in the story!

Using familiar stories, musical and theatrical storytelling, the camp provides a space for first campers to imagine themselves interacting with a magical fairy tale world. Children are encouraged to express themselves through physical and musical activities.

Badges specific to camp activities focus on imagination, creative storytelling, and the ability to adapt & overcome new challenges.

After their adventure, campers will receive one of these badges that most reflect their strength on camp day.