First Campers 3-5 Years Old

In our journey into the jungle, we’ll tinker and solve puzzles as we venture to find the lost emerald. We’ll experiment with primitive technology and make our very own boats to race in the river, learn about gravity and real life physics by making life-sized towers, and learn how to construct a simple aqueduct to learn how to survive in the jungle!


Live science in the wild.

Learn about science by seeing how it happens in nature and through a hands-on method. Learn about abstract ideas through relatable stories and see those phenomenon in action.


Learn how to use nature to make essential tools.

Learn how to scope your surroundings and adapt what is found around you to craft essential tools that will help you survive in your journey into the jungle.

Badges specific to camp activities focus on ability requirement for a journey into the jungle.

After their adventure, campers will receive one of these badges that most reflect their strength on camp day.