First Campers: 3-5 Years Old

On our first adventure together at Taitonmai camp, we will go on a quest in a world of magic. Here, horses can fly and dragons can sing! We will build an enchanted castle, mix a magic potion and trot along with our pony best friend. Together, we’ll brave the journey to find the hidden secrets of this land.


For first time adventurers…

A great way to dip your feet in nature! We’ll be spending time outdoors and playing underneath the trees. There is hunting and exploring, mixed in with some painting and making!


What are you like in a story?

Have fun in a day long adventure and transform into your favorite magical character. We’ll make things to wear and things to hold – everything useful for a fairy-tale journey. Along with new friends, we will brave this exciting land of magic to see what treasures are waiting for us!

Magic badges focus on attributes that reflect being an imaginative young adventurer.

After their adventure, campers will receive one of these badges that most reflect their strength on camp day.