Junior Campers: 4-6 Years Old

Our next adventure awaits in a galaxy far, far, away. Past our solar system and milky way lies mysterious planets and never seen before aliens! Journey into the stars with us to create glow in the dark tools and and invent light sabers.


Story-based Science

Be immersed in a learning experience that explains electricity and circuits through characters and a story-line set in space. Get to know Volt, a buzzing firefly that carries energy throughout the whole solar system.


Invent a working light circuit

Students will become more familiar with this abstract concept through their first LED and battery experiment. Design and imagine this invention, and use it to shine light to venture into the deep dark space.

Badges specific to camp activities focus on ability requirement for a journey into the stars.

After their adventure, campers will receive one of these badges that most reflect their strength on camp day.