Super Campers: 7-10 Years Old

Where Ninja apprentices will train in the ways of the Ninja Master. Apprentices will learn how to channel their powers through Ninjitsu spells. decode a legendary scroll passed on through Ninja generations, and test their abilities in the Ninja water obstacle course.


A Test of Will

The final challenge for all Ninja apprentices is the bamboo water obstacle course. It will require all the skills in decoding, balancing and transforming to brave the obstacle course.


Solving the mysterious riddle

Secret Katakana symbols are hidden throughout the land and apprentices are tasked with solving these Ninja riddles. Where does the mystery lead? Only Ninjas will know!

Ninja badges focus on physical attributes that make a Ninja successful on their secret missions.

After their adventure, campers will receive one of these badges that most reflect their strength on camp day.